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Memphis, TN

The Gun Store

The Gun Store is veteran owned establishment serving customers in the Memphis area. Our inventory includes a wide range of firearms, ammunition, tactical gear, and clothing. In addition to firearms and other merchandise, we also offer training with certified instructors.

Whether you are interested in defending yourself or if you are a gun enthusiast, we welcome you to come by and meet us. We strongly believe in every individual’s right by to self defense through proper training and firearms within lawful means. Our experts will not only help you find the firearm best suited to your needs, but they will also instruct you on safety and proper usage.

The Gun School

The Gun School is part of our store and where we offer firearms training. Our certified instructors provide classroom training on-sight in order for you to obtain your state issued carry permit. Check our calendar and book a class today!

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It has never been more important to know how to defend yourself. We want to connect with you to create a safer and more knowledgeable society.

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