Range Rules

  1. Guns not in the booth must remain holstered, in a bag, or in a carrier. 
  2. Handle the firearm only on the green paint inside the firing booth. 
  3. Drawing from the holster is strictly prohibited. 
  4. If anything (gun, magazine, ammunition, etc.) falls forward of the firing line, do NOT retrieve it. Ask a Range Safety Officer for assistance. 
  5. Only one shooter in the booth at a time. 
  6. No cross-lane shooting. 
  7. Do not shoot the floor, ceiling, walls, or other range equipment. 
  8. Keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times – down range. 
  9. Use of eye and ear protection is mandatory. 
  10. No steel cased, steel core, tracer, BOLO, Flechette, green tip, red tip, black tip or armor piercing ammunition. Any ammo brought in will be subject to inspection and approval prior to use. 
  11. No black powder firearms allowed. 
  12. Pistol rounds (excluding 5.7x28mm), rifle rounds 5.56, .223, and 7.62×39, and shotgun slugs are permitted. No other calibers are allowed. 
  13. There will be no horseplay. 
  14. There will be no use of cell phones on the range. (calls, Facetime, video, etc.) 
  15. No food, drink, smoking, vaping, tobacco products, or electronic cigarettes on the range. 
  16. Range appropriate attire will be worn. No open-toed shoes, low cut tops, etc. 
  17. No one under the influence of any substance is allowed on the range. Those smelling of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed in the facility. 
  18. Pregnant women will not be allowed on the range. 
  19. Individuals that cannot comprehend the waiver due to language or special needs or cannot hear or comprehend Range Safety Officer instructions will not be allowed on the range. 
  20. If you have any issues with your firearm or range equipment, ask a Range Safety Officer for help. 
  21. The Range Safety Officer has authority over every aspect of the range and has the final say over all range activities. 

Those unwilling to follow range rules or safety rules will be expelled and potentially banned for life. 

  • Prior to using the range, all individuals must sign a waiver. 
  • For minors (under 18 years of age), a parent or legal guardian must cosign the waiver and accompany them at all times. 

NSSF Sponsored Shooting Range Safety Video  

NSSF Sponsored Shooting Range Safety Video: For many that first trip to the shooting range can be intimidating. This short video is a great introduction to firearms safety rules and etiquette at the indoor range and for experienced shooters a great reminder. Remember, firearms safety depends on you. (NSSF Video Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette – Firearm Safety).