Transfer (How to Guide)

How to Purchase a Gun Online and Arrange for Transfer to Your Local FFL Dealer 

1. Locate an FFL Dealer in Your State: 

    • The Gun Store and Range serves as an FFL dealer and facilitates transfers from other dealers or gun stores. 

2. Arrange for Transfer: 

    • Contact our store to verify that the transfer can be accepted and arranged on your behalf. You can reach us at or (901) 872-4006. 
    • Provide us with the contact information of the dealer or gun store, so we can send them a copy of our FFL. 

3. Purchase the Gun and Prepare for Transfer: 

    • During the online checkout process or shortly thereafter via email, ensure that the dealer or gun store from which you purchased the gun has received a copy of our FFL, enabling them to ship your firearm to us. 
    • Contact our store to confirm the details of your purchase, allowing us to monitor its arrival and promptly notify you upon receipt. 

4. Collect Your Gun from Your Local FFL Dealer: 

    • Upon the firearm’s arrival, we will notify you to complete the transfer process. 
    • Remember to bring a copy of your government-issued photo ID with your current address. 
    • Payment of a $50 transfer fee, which covers processing and background check, is required. 
      • Gold Members are entitled to one complimentary transfer per month.